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Do You Have A Sustainability Plan In Place?


Sustainability is becoming one of the most crucial aspects of successful business development. It is considered necessary to be competitive and foster company longevity, and in some cases, actual company survival. Sustainability is also seen as a smart business approach to creating long-term value for shareholders by literally improving how an organization operates in its environment, social, and governance (ESG) compliance and within its communities and economic ecosystems. But despite these seriously important factors, both negative and positive, many companies just can’t seem to get started on the sustainability track. Are you one of them? 

With increasing urgency surrounding climate change and plastic pollution, tied with growing consumer awareness regarding positive business practices for people and planet, the importance of sustainable practice and ESG compliance are unquestionable in the future of every business. Actually we think a very simple rule applies and it has nothing to do with regulators or legislation, but everything to do with ethics and morals: are you doing the very best you can do in regards to all aspects of your operations and services form a sustainability point of view? 

The answer in 90pct of the cases is “ probably not” but could be “ I think so” neither of which is the right answer! But how to make sure that you are doing the best you can do? That is what we are here for. Sustainability is something that needs to be approached very systematically and Bahar MVB have developed a process, a methodology which will lead you through the questions to the answers, digging deeply into the reasons that you are pursuing sustainability along the way so that we help you to end up with the results you want. 

For example sustainability reporting is becoming more and more required either by legislation or stock market regulators or major shareholders. In fact there is now a strong movement in the finance and investing field to not even consider investing in businesses that cannot prove their sustainability. This is a positive movement which steers businesses into more transparent and sustainable practices, in order to improve not only impacts on the environment and communities, but also the bottom line for the businesses themselves! 

Bahar MVB is a consortium of two organisations with the objective of assisting companies transition into this transition to new business practices, offering expertise in this new field to guide and develop organisations for compliance, impact and sustainable futures. But more than that we provide end-to-end services in the actual implementation of any work we recommend, across the fields or water management, energy reduction and transition to renewables, and waste management, where we have experts available on the ground in Indonesia to actually make sure the best practices are fulfilled. 

So Bahar MVB provides end-to-end services in maximising our clients’ businesses and environmental sustainability compliance, particularly in the hospitality and tourism sectors, where we already have a good track record with top level hotels and are the sustainability partners of The Indonesian Hotel and Restaurant Association (PHRI). We provide a unique combination of sustainability consulting, the provision of top level expertise and the ability to promote and publicise sustainable organisations as well. 

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