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A New Era for Jakarta Fashion Week, the 2021 Event Goes Digital

WHAT'S HAPPENING | 20 October 2020
Due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, the annual Jakarta Fashion Week (2021) tries to find a way to make the annual event interesting by engaging audiences at home through creative storytelling and virtual experience. Photo courtesy of Jakarta Fashion Week/NOW!JAKARTA

Amid the current challenge to hold a big social gatherings, Jakarta Fashion Week, arguably the city's biggest fashion event, will continue to run on its original schedule, held 26 to 29 November 2020.

Instead of skipping the most important fashion agenda this year, the organiser GMC Group has decided to hold this year's edition of Jakarta Fashion Week (JFW 2021) with a new format, shifting the conventional event online.  It’s a new era for Indonesia’s fashion industry as the homegrown creatives and designers are forced to discover new ways to express their creativity and utilise existing technology and storytelling to engage with fashion enthusiasts at home.

Last year, Jakarta Fashion Week was visited by more than 40,000 people during a one-week event which took place at Senayan City, Jakarta is now challenged to engage with audiences at home.  Indonesia’s fashion capital has been enhancing the industry for over 10 years, making Jakarta as a destination to showcase the fresh creativity, talent incubation, and provide the platform to generate the transaction of fashion products to the international market.

The new format of Jakarta Fashion is expected to combine storytelling which will unveil backstage life digital fashion presentation, as well as live virtual discussion about current fashion issues. Through live stream on JFW’s microsite, at least 10 designers along with fashion labels have secured their schedule to present their latest collection at JFW 2021.

Prior to this month, Jakarta Fashion Week has nominated Maria Karina and Rizal Rama as JFW Icon who also represents the face of the 2021 fashion campaign.

Jakarta Fashion Week has confirmed that this year’s event will keep its conventional runway show to showcase the important agenda such as Indonesia Fashion Forward and Dewi Fashion Knights. In avoiding the potential of Covid-19 transmission in the crowd, the fashion show will not be attended by large audiences as designers also opt for the idea to showcase the collection with a more creative format - to be revealed later as a surprise.

"The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the way we run the industry especially fashion week. Various adjustments are implemented including the utilisation of digital platforms. People can enjoy a series of Jakarta Fashion Week 2021 events through our channels as well as channels from partners who work with us,” said Lenni Tedja, Director of Jakarta Fashion Week.

Along with other annual fashion events, the homegrown creative industry has generated a value up to IDR 116 trillion, increased 18,01% in 2019, according to Bekraf. Since the purchasing power is weakened, this year’s event will bring a more concise presentation and focus to advance the discussion that will prepare the industry to move forward in the following year.

Similar to the international fashion agenda this year, Jakarta Fashion Week also expects comprehensive dialogue that involves industry insiders and consumers to respond the current challenge faced by the industry in general.

For more information about Jakarta Fashion Week 2021, www.jakartafashionweek.co.id