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The ANZA Circus Comes to Town

WHAT'S HAPPENING | 28 October 2016

The 2016 ANZA Ball, “A Night Under The Big Top” was another triumph of pure enjoyment as a delirious crowd packed the ballroom in the Grand Sahid Jaya, at the same time raising much needed funds for their social welfare programs.

The ANZA President, Carmen Gleeson, cutely attired as a mime artist, and her committee who comprised lion tamers, clowns, fat ladies, animals and trapeze artists, should be extremely proud of themselves as the crowd dug deep into their pockets and their dance moves. After a few anxious moments with the sound system, the ring master took control and the evening was off in a whirl of costumes and music, with raffle tickets and silent auction items selling out quickly, and the wine (also circus themed it seemed!) flowing freely.

After a spectaculer pole dancing trapeze artist entertained us, the band brought the crowd to their feet and suddenly it was morning! A great time was had by all for a great cause. Well done ANZA!