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Celebrating 25 Years of Jakarta-Berlin with JAKBERFEST 2019

WHAT'S HAPPENING | 29 November 2019
Berlin wall monument at Kalijodo park, Jakarta
Berlin Wall monument at Kalijodo Park is the perfect monument to commemorate the anniversary of Jakarta-Berlin partnership. Photo by Raditya Fadhilla/NOWJAKARTA

Jakarta and Berlin have a stronger relationship since both cities become sister cities in 1993. This year, the cities commemorate its 25 years partnership with the festival that is available for Jakarta public on 30 November 2019.

JAKBERFEST is the festival that marks the relationship between both cities which has resulted to a number of collaborations, including cultural exchange and city development. Over the past few years, the Jakarta government has collaborated with Berlin to build progressive urban development, including promoting the culture of walking, establishing integrated public transportation and creating more creative public spaces in the Big Durian.

Anies Baswedan, Jakarta Governor, said that the city has been working on a ‘smart change’ project to find innovative solutions for a developing city. “I hope this partnership will be done in other big cities in Indonesia in the future,” according to Basdewan on release. 

Taking over Kendal Underpass in Dukuh Atas, Central Jakarta, German artist Snyder and Indonesian muralist Darbots will collaborate together to spray the wall at the Underpass. “Friends Mural” will be the manifestation of mutual friendship between both cities reflected in the development of technology and culture. 

It’s the first time the festival is held in public space, which opens inclusive access to people. Bringing the spirit of collaboration, Darbotz and Synder will be creating street art that can be seen through public eye, where people will also get to understand the long relationship between both cities, making a mural as contemporary art and cultural movement which are able to lead the progressive development among its inhabitants.

For those coming to the festival, the mural is not only the scenery that can be appreciated during the celebration of the sister city. People who stop by at the Underpass will get a chance to taste popular Jakarta-Berlin culinary gems including Bratwurst, Currywurst, Soto, Asinan and many more. JakJazz, an initiator for jazz festival in Indonesia participate in the festival by inviting renowned musicians and artists such as Barry Likumahuwa, Altetta Stars, Andezzz and 2 Lampu Neon to perform on the stage of JAKBERFEST. The event is open for public on 30 November starting at 5 pm at Kendal Underpass.