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You are Invited to @america for Their Month of Independence

WHAT'S HAPPENING | 2 July 2019

The U.S. Embassy’s American Center in Jakarta, @america invites everyone to be involved in exciting events that are free for everyone. From drone piloting clinic to leadership and public speaking course, learn more about the United States by registering and securing your spot now!

The Ari Rolland Jazz Quarter

Having travelled to play at 145 U.S Department of State jazz programs in over 50 countries, The Ari Rolland Jazz Quartet plays will take audience back to the Golden Age of Jazz circa 1950s. The quartet’s original compositions have received international acclaim, and the group itself has directed international jazz performances and educational workshops that bring together musicians from all over the world. This event is free for all, courtesy of @america. It will be held at @america, Pacific Place Mall, Level 3.

Metropolitan Toastmasters

This weekly event focuses on improving your public speaking and leadership skills by dissecting presentations and insider tips from experts and leaders of industry. The event include a chance to practice and learn from peers in an international atmosphere bearing the learning-by-doing principle. This week’s theme is about Empowering People to Develop Nations. Metropolitan Toastmasters is free for all, courtesy of @america, and is held every Tuesday at @america, Pacific Place Mall, Level 3.


Either as pets, sources of proteins, farm helpers or livestocks, animals have been part of human lives for the last several thousand years. Frenemies is hosting a theatrical performance and photo exhibition from USAID’s Emerging Pandemic Threats (EPT-2) project aiming to prevent infectious diseases from disrupting this delicate and meaningful relationship. Teater Pandora will be staging the theatrical performance, with guest star performer Rachel Amanda to make an appearance. This event is free for all, courtesy of @america, and will be held at @america, Pacific Place Mall, Level 

Dancing Drones

We live in a world of drones. From farmers monitoring livestocks or fire departments mapping wildfires to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) studying marine mammals or media agencies creating content, drones of all shapes and sizes are affecting our lives every day. This 4-week session training seminar will fully inform drone beginners or experienced operators on the wide application of drones and how to operate them like a pro. Dancing Drones is hosted in collaboration with Codingcamp.id, featuring Dr. Irrendra Radjawali. This event is free for all, courtesy of @america, and will be held at @america, Pacific Place Mall, Level 3