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Green Love Affair in Kemang

WHAT'S HAPPENING | 4 December 2016

As much as we are addicted to the lovely mess that is Jakarta, what still seems to be lacking in the city’s calendar of events are fun outdoor activities for the whole family.

Green Love Affair in Kemang
Photos By Martina Ceccolini

To fill that void, “A Green Love A’Fair” was held for the first time in November at Como Park in Kemang, South Jakarta, with organizers aiming to turn it into a monthly community-oriented event.

Following the concept of a farmer’s market embracing all things healthy, organic and green, the open space at Como Park was transformed into a cozy lounging area. Lovingly decorated tables, bean bags and carpets were set up in the center, radiating a homey feel, while local vendors offered their goods at booths and stalls. Eventhe towering trees received a makeover with colourful ribbons tied to their branches.

From refreshing juices and coconut water, fresh produce, baked goods and freshly brewed coffee to handcrafted salads and vegan dishes, the market offered something suitable for every taste and palate.

Even dogs - who were most welcome to join this joyous affair and make new friends of their own - were presented with special treats like cookies and cupcakes provided by the Trick or Treat Barkery. Water stations across the venue were provided as well.

Shopaholics also got their money’s worth: the two-story building located on Como Park grounds housed brands from across Indonesia selling clothes, jewelry, beauty products and homeware, such as KLE, Slack and Somiar, with every brand embodying the spirit of “A Green Love A’Fair”.

Green Love Affair in Kemang
Photos By Martina Ceccolini

Throughout the whole day, a wide range of activities kept visitors occupied. Early in the morning, guests were invited to join a yoga class for charity led by Fathan Todjon - the proceeds were donated towards the repairing and maintenance of SDI Ar-Rahmah elementary school, located in a rural part of North Lombok, that helps more than 20 students receive a basic education.

And this wasn’t the only good cause that “A Green Love A’Fair” was supporting. In the weeks leading up to the event, organizers encouraged people in the area to drop off goods that they recycled and used as decoration on the day of the market, like old bottles as flower vases.

Children could join storytelling sessions held by APISI Baca Cerita Community, make flower crowns or bake their own pizza. Later in the day, DJ Mikey provided live entertainment by spinning some tunes.

Green Love Affair in Kemang
Photos By Martina Ceccolini

Anna-Lisa Robertson of the organizing team said that the next event will take place on December 10th.

“It will be a Christmas Market for Children, hosted by the Green Love A’Fair”, she explained. “The main attraction will be activities for kids, including cookie and cupcake decorating, Christmas wreath making and a scavenger hunt. We will also have a Christmas light up and a photo booth for the kids and their parents. The evening will close with a Christmas movie screening.”

While the “Kids Christmas Experience” will be on a smaller scale and ticketed, there will still be food vendors and beverage stands as usual, providing dinner and snacks.

Starting next year, the Green Love A’Fair will be back in full swing, with more activities and programmes to engage the local community and turn at least one weekend each month into a fun affair for the whole family - including our canine friends.

Find Green Love A’Fair on Facebook or follow @greenloveafair.jkt on Instagram for further updates.

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