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In Artotel’s Project Series "Odyssey", Art and Music Combine in Perfect Harmony

WHAT'S HAPPENING | 12 April 2019

ARTOTEL Group debuted its latest Project Series “Odyssey”, a lifestyle event that combines contemporary art and urban music at its Thamrin Hotel in Jakarta. Through a collaboration with local artists, the event will be touring to other hotel brands in Bandung, Yogyakarta, and ended up in Bali.

ARTOTEL Group debuted its latest Project Series “Odyssey” with art exhibition by Rebellionik and Mahaputra Vito at Thamrin Hotel in Jakarta. Photo courtesy of ARTOTEL Group/NOW!JAKARTA

On 5 April, the Odyssey started with an art exhibition by two Indonesian artists, Rebellionik and Mahaputra Vito whose work was displayed at the Mezzanine level. The exhibition “Vivid Wanderers” illustrates their personal experience as both artists are interested in travelling. Both artists have been working closely since they met six years ago. Their works are the manifestation of their idea in creating portable artwork and the artistic process.

Rebellionik and Mahaputra Vitto’s first project in the residency programme initiated by ONX Studio led them to portable artwork that has a strong connection between their present and  past work. Curated by Windy Salomo, the exhibition at Artotel Project Series is essentially part of the maturation process of the artists’ work following their visits to various places doing various projects such as with Gardu House “Illuminoise” at Hidden Space in Manila, Philippines.

The exhibition “Vivid Wanderers” illustrates their personal experience as both artists are interested in travelling.

Dynamic duo — who are known for their modular work called Echo Boomer Nomad — illustrates vibrant colour and pop culture phenomena through canvas works, mixed media, and wearable arts.  

Held at lobby level and the rooftop bar, BART, the first series of Odyssey was also enlivened by some of emerging urban musicians such as Anton Wirjono, Onar, and Tantra who performed live with House Cartel, Konsumma, Cul De Sac, and Double Deer SoundSystem. 

The exhibit is on view until 31 May at Mezzanine Level, ARTOTEL Thamrin, Jakarta.

Tantra performed at Oddysey debut event in ARTOTEL Thamrin, Jakarta

Yulia Maria, Assistant Director of Marketing Communication at ARTOTEL Group said that the roadshow will also feature local musicians and artist as a part of the management’s commitment towards supporting urban creative minds. “It’s the first time ARTOTEL has combined music and art in the Project Series. We invite people to support local artists as well as musicians in their communities through our lifestyle event,”  Maria said at a press conference last week.

Oddysey is a lifestyle event for youth community to socialize and have fun.

Supported by NEWLAND.ID,  Odyssey will continue the roadshow at other properties such as de Braga by ARTOTEL in Bandung in June, ARTOTEL Yogyakarta in August, and will close with the biggest celebration at ARTOTEL Beach Club later in October.