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Integrating Art, Music, Tourism in Odyssey Festival 2019

WHAT'S HAPPENING | 4 October 2019
Assistant Director of Marcomm ARTOTEL Group, Yulia Maria; Creative Event Manager ARTOTEL GROUP, Bharata Yudha; Co-Branding Expert Advisory of Ministry of Tourism, Rizanto Binol; and Art Director ARTOTEL Group, Windi Salomo of ODYSSEY Day Festival 2019. Photo courtesy of ARTOTEL Group/NOW!JAKARTA 

The final tour of the 1st edition of the ODYSSEY Festival is set to entertain the audience in Bali from 10 to 13 October. The festival combines art and music initiated by ARTOTEL Group with a bigger mission of promoting homegrown art, music, and tourism to global communities. 

Taking place at ARTOTEL Sanur and Beach Club, ODYSSEY Festival 2019 in Bali is closing the series of events after the festival tour in Jakarta, Bandung, and Yogyakarta. The festival will be inviting Indonesian emerging contemporary artists and musicians who take their spotlights on the four-day event.

ODYSSEY aims to elevate homegrown arts and music by organizing the conference and its awaited Day Festival. The conference will focus on the theme “How to Build a Career in Art and Music” as part of a mission to promote local artists and musicians to the global audience. The conference will host industry experts such as Amalia Wirjono (founder of Art Dept. ID), Monika Irayati Irsan (founder of the Erudio School of Art), Abenk Alter (Indonesian artist) and Jeong Ok Jeon (curator and art consultant).

ODYSSEY presents speakers from the music industry, such as Ali The beat, Fadi & Mikey Moran (Bali Praia), Ibam Adam & HudiArdianto (Sonar Inc.), Halim Ardie (Rainforest Pavilion),  Harvey Abdurachman (Double Deer) and many more. Balinese artist, Putu Adi Suanjaya will have a special exhibition during the Art and Music Conference.

On 11 - 13 October, Day Festival will fuse art and music in the event where the audience could see the collaboration between local and international musicians as well as artists to create a unique festival experience. The international line-up includes Bolier (Netherlands), Tob Tok (Sweden), Wehbba (Brazil), and Nour (Denmarks) will entertain festival-goers along with emerging local musicians from such as Wake Up Iris, Asteriska, Fadi Mickey Moran, and several Jakarta-Bali based collectives.

Contemporary artists and designers namely Nus Solomon, Jessica Auditama and OUAUI work together to create a distinctive visual experience of ‘Tropical Garden’ installations which will elevate the festival atmosphere at ARTOTEL Beach Club along with a live mural art by Zent Prozent. The organiser hopes to support both industries by making it one entity of the festival itself.

Fully supported by the Ministry of Tourism, ODYSSEY Festival is expected to attract international visitors as the organiser focuses on the hospitality industry to promote the attraction of Indonesian tourism, including from the local creative industry. From another perspective, the festival could also give exposure to local artist and musicians to the global audiences as Bali is an international tourism destination which could allow that possibility.   

Yulia Maria, the Assistant Director of Marketing Communication at ARTOTEL Group said that ODYSSEY Festival could synergise the local art, music and local destinations as the festival has toured to a few cities across Indonesia. Next year, ODYSSEY will debut in Semarang and continue the festival to other cities before finishing in Bali. “As a hospitality company, our intention is to support the creative industry and ODYSSEY is one of the ways to promote arts, music, and local destination in a series of events. We chose Bali as there are many international communities that could acknowledge our arts amdn music,” Maria said.

Rizanto Binol, Co-Branding Expert Advisory of Ministry of Tourism said that the ministry attempt to have more partnership in attraction event through co-branding initiative. “54 per cent of our tourists are millennials. The attraction is the way we provide tourism to this specific group of ages and ODYSSEY is one of the ways we could promote local attraction,” Binol said. 

Oddysey will start daily from 12pm to 11pm (Central Indonesia Time) with tickets priced from IDR 150,000 to IDR 300,000++ per day. Art and Music Conference and the last day of ODYSSEY Festival on Sunday, 13 October will be free of charge. Get the ticket on Loket and GOTix. For more information, visit www.artotelgroup.com and follow ODYSSEY Festival on social media @ody.sse.y.