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Lion Dancers Roar In Jakarta

WHAT'S HAPPENING | 26 February 2017

Barongsai - or lion dance - is one of the most beloved Chinese performing arts form that has endured for many centuries. A combination of kung fu, acrobatic skills and music, this dance is performed to chase away evil spirits and instead bring happiness, good luck and a long life.

Barongsai nowadays is closely associated with Chinese Lunar New Year celebrations in many countries, including Indonesia.

One of barongsai’s trademark moves: a performer stands on top of another’s shoulders, mimicking a standing barongsai.
The barongsai performance is accompanied by traditional music for which the performers use Chinese drums called tamburand cymbals.
West Jakarta’s WiharaEkayanaAramabarongsai performers engage in a warm up and exercise session prior to the performance.
During the performance, at least two barongsais will interact with each other.
Barongsai performers of WiharaEkayanaArama. The group was first established in 1998 before going on a hiatus for a few years and making a comeback in 2014.