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New Book Lists Jakarta's Best Interior and Product Design Shops

WHAT'S HAPPENING | 25 March 2017

In a megacity like Jakarta, it can be hard to keep up with the latest developments - even when it comes to shopping, as new stores are mushrooming all across town. To respond to the the surge of interior and product design boutiques in Jakarta, Simpul Media Group has recently released the book “100+ Gerai Interior Pilihan: Jakarta” (100+ Selected Interior Shops: Jakarta).

Published by PT Gramedia Pustaka Utama, the book features a list of both local and foreign-based interior and product design shops in alphabetical order, accompanied by descriptive, easy-to-read texts and colourful symbols indicating what kind of products are available in the boutiques. The book also includes a handy map with the exact location of the shops.

“This book is a timeless appreciation for the country’s creative industries,” said Triawan Munaf, Head of the Creative Economy Agency (Bekraf).

The book is available at all Gramedia Bookstores, Ak.sa.ra and Dia.Lo.Gue.