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New Wave Barbershop “Chief” Opens in Kemang

WHAT'S HAPPENING | 15 August 2017

Since its establishment in 2014, Chief has become a melting pot for gentleman to get a new hairstyle. Unlike other barbershops, Chief presents a unique concept in each of its outlets. After the opening of the outlets in Senopati following an Urban Classic concept, Ciragil with an American Classic Style concept and Cipete with a British Classic concept, Chief Company recently opened its fourth branch in Kemang, South Jakarta.

Chief in Kemang offers an Artspace concept, combining three kind of art elements: barber art, coffee art and modern art. Its latest breakthrough makes Chief a must-visit place for urbanites.

Chief’s latest addition to the barbershop family sees a collaboration with Indonesian artist Sir Dandy, who has worked on Chiefs’ development in regards to the interior design. His latest masterpiece “When We Were Young” will be the focal point of the new Chief outlet.