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Relive Your Childhood with ‘Baluun’ by Haluu 

WHAT'S HAPPENING | 31 May 2019

After successful creating one of the most instagrammable spots in town, the recent exhibition by Haluu World will make you feel nostalgic and happy.

Baluun is open for public from 6 June to 25 August at Warehouse level 5, Plaza Indonesia, Central Jakarta. Photo by Rintang Azhar/NOW!JAKARTA

Dio Santoso and the creative team at Haluu brought back its selfie-safari with ‘Baluun’ exhibition at Warehouse Plaza Indonesia. The three-month long exhibit is reminiscent of childhood memories and its personal connection with balloons.

After the success of its initial exhibition, Haluu World became recognised as a commercial exhibition for selfie lovers to take a picture in chic and stylish background. The recent exhibition ‘Baluun’ provides 12 design installations created by in house team of designer, construction, engineering and graphics.

While the prior exhibition brought you to the realm of dreams, Baluun takes you back in time to your childhood. Among Indonesian kids, balloons are associated with happiness, surprise, party, and of course, kids. The song Balonku Ada Lima is demonstrates how balloons hold a special place in the hearts of many Indonesian kids as a symbol of merriment.

Haluu co-founder Dio Santoso explained that the exhibition is aimed to create happiness through design reinterpretation. The exhibit is the result of collaboration with Partysaurusland, a creative organizer with ample experience in innovative balloon-inspired creations. Santoso added that balloons exhibited in any section of the exhibition is presented with chemistry and lighting and reflection techniques aimed to create an entirely unique experience.

“There will be much exploration about balloons with shapes and appearances like no one has ever seen before. The balloons will come in different forms and some of them will surprise people. This exhibit allows us to be playful,” the co-founder explained at the press conference on 29 May.

The event is supported by Haluu partners Actress Laura Basuki and pop singer Vidi Aldiano and a number of Indonesian brand such as Tokopedia, Ponds, Sasa and Go Work. This is the second time the exhibition is held at Plaza Indonesia.

Baluun is open for public from 6 June to 25 August at Warehouse level 5, Plaza Indonesia, Central Jakarta. The ticket is available on the spot and online at IDR 100,000 (weekdays) and IDR 120,000 on the weekends.