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Summerfling Party

WHAT'S HAPPENING | 20 October 2016

Sanmig Light held a roadshow party themed "Summerfling" it will be held in on 21 to 22 October at Jakarta then followed on 29 to 30 October and 6 November in Bali.

Will be present 10 DJ accompanying Summerfling roadshow such as; Anto Polski, Gowik, Fadlie, Lucky Wijaya, Micko, Cream & Tanzel, Tiara Eve & Patricia Schuldtz and close by band performance The Hydrant Band to fulfill the unique collaboration with one DJ homeland at Bali. Summerfling will be a great momentum event for you to spend with all of your friends because Every hour is happy hour, is it right?. And here, we must believe in moments of excitement weekend will never be finished and will continue constantly in our entired lives.

Sanmig Light is one of the first low-calorie beer products and the only one in Indonesia. The flavors are extremely smooth and crunchy, and contains only 100 calories per 330 ml per serving. That's why Sanmig Light sensation will be very light to consume for daily activities with friends. "Welcome to Sanmig Light Summerfling, prepare yourself to be a part of a series of roadshows this party because many miracle will happen on this event, cheers" said Mr. Jaka Sebastian as San Miguel representatives for Jakarta.